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Sheep has to be cut in new moon!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat moment, when new life has appeared is like little bell sound – so fragile and full of hope. Most often we feel joy, but also concern because we want to provide for baby best conditions for growth and development. Increasingly, we may have an impact on us, depending on circumstances and environment. Wool neutralizes positive ions. Positive Ionization has very negative impact on the human body system in the form of fatigue, muscle pain, excessive sensibility. Wool eliminates positive ionization, replacing it with the negative, which is natural to the human body.

That moment has come and baby is born. Baby may be restive, with poor sleep, little to eat. Infants are often tormented by abdominal pain, excessive gas generation. If child is restless and crying, put on his stomach for all day or all night sheepskin, or cover him with pure sheep wool blanket. It is warm, improve blood circulation and remove pain, so child calms down. Create a ribbon from 5 – 7 cm sheepskin and tie it around the child’s head. Even better is to wrap baby in sheepskin for 10-12 hours. Also good is to put baby in quietude envelopes – “Cocoon”, which is made from sheep’s wool. The results are excellent: due to the heat, the child calms down quickly; it reduces the pressure inside the skull, improves blood circulation and blood micro-circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Wool products are recommended for people with movement disorders diseases, allergies, and circulatory disorders. Wool products are therapeutically and prophylactically against illnesses such as radiculitis, bone pain, spinal pain, muscle inflammation, headaches, urinary tract inflammation, changes in blood pressure, asthma, osteochondrosis. Wool products are recommended for people who heavily perspire because through natural sheep wool clothing body breathes; requiring for those who need additional warmness for different parts of the body in addition to prolong heating effect.

Sheep wool has following advantages:
* Allows body to breathe,
* Neutralize contaminants eliminated from the body with sweat
* Keeps the body dry, warm,
* is flexible,
* Is characteristic for a long time to be clean / self-cleaning effect /.

At strong dirt permitted wet wash – hand wash in water with products containing lanolin and is designed for wool. Wash + 30 * C, squeeze the water, without using centrifuge for product. Hang wet condition. Wait for clothes to dry completely. We offer service – cleaning, repair, maintenance.